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About RedShark

RedShark is a multiplatform online publication for anyone with an interest in moving image technology and craft. With over 50 contributors worldwide, full-time developers, editorial, sales and marketing staff, it is the go-to site for informed opinion and know-how for the quickly changing video, film and content creation industries.

More than a digital magazine, RedShark offers industry leading marketing and communications services in advertising, email marketing, content marketing, lead generation, design and events for our varied range of commercial partners.

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What People Say

"I enjoy the professionalism of the content, and interesting updates from the ever-evolving industry while being busy in our own world. It's a joy to read the content RedShark produces and often surprising the spectrum of different kind of information you deliver. I am satisfied and will keep reading, dreaming a little about trying and buying some of the amazing products you also review"

“We are delighted with the service and results we get from advertising on the RedShark News website and the sponsored articles they have published for us.”

"The team at RedShark deliver great service along with highly effective results. Adorama is proud to be RedShark's official retail partner”

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Digital Advertising

We offer tailor made advertising solutions across a variety of platforms to suit any budget. Our focus is on targeting your message at readers relevant to your business using segmentation, behavioral science and providing the results with complete transparency.

Banner Advertising

$25 CPM (cost per 1000 page impressions)

Segmentation — Geographic Region & App Users

Dedicated E-Blast

$15 CPM (cost per 1000 email recipients)

Segmentation — Geographic Region and/or Job Role

We have a database of 301,000 opted in subscribers to RedShark. As well as our regular editorially led newsletters, we also provide a weekly commercial email allowing advertisers to directly reach a huge number of content creators. We can segment our subscriber list geographically and/or by job role ensuring advertisers only pay to reach the audience that is right for them.

Newsletter Sponsorship


Segmentation — Global Database (301,000+)

Technical Specifications

Banner Advertising — We accept GIF, PNG, EPS and JPEG/JPG files up to 80kbs in size unless agreed otherwise (larger file sizes can have a detrimental effect on user experience)

E-Shots — We offer a choice of two RedShark-branded container templates - fixed-width (600px) and expanding (no width-limit). Email content should be supplied to us as HTML - use tables rather than divs, CSS should be inline, with images hosted on your server or CDN. Links can include your tracking code. We will assist with adapting your files and scheduling your campaign.

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Content Marketing

$1,500 (per 700 word piece)

RedShark's team of writers works with you to help create a coordinated and consistent content resource that optimises your communication with end users. We can publish and promote via all RedShark channels (website/ social/ email) and you own the copyright so you can use the material for any purpose.

We also respond to bespoke requests including infographics and white paper design and creation. There is an additional fee for this tier of service which depends on the exact nature of the work.

Surveys/ Competitions

FROM $10 (per response)

We can help you find out more about your end users/customers by creating bespoke surveys/ competitions. In no more than 10 questions we can provide valuable market research with high sample size response rates and industry leading data capture.

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Connect IconRedShark Connect

Our Connect Events are an extremely popular series of events that take place at creative hubs around the world. We centre each event around a workflow topic (eg HDR) and using hands on, interactive demo spaces, show products and services from various manufacturers working together in a real world set up. Attendees are encouraged to try the kit, learn something new and meet fellow creatives.

Who Attends?

RedShark's creative community. Filmmakers, editors, colorists, technicians and producers as well as senior managers, heads of production, budget controllers and decision makers.

Why Take Part?

It's a great opportunity to not only partner with RedShark (we take care of venue hire, planning, insurance, security, catering, planning etc) but also partner with other companies that operate in your space but are not a competitor to you.

What Do You Get?

Along with a successful event evening, one to one demos and an opportunity to appear on our filmed panel discussion, all attendees agree to their data being shared with our partners (which comply with GDPR regulations). We guarantee a minimum of 200 leads per event.

When & Where?

2020 venues include: London, New York, LA, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore and Beijing

Rate $5,000 (minimum 200 leads)

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Client List